No More Tech Trauma

Tired of wrestling with your website? Hand over your website headaches today!
Hire your own tech team and enjoy the freedom of never worrying about your website again.

Don’t Let Tech Hold Back Your Business!

Get started today with Website Rescue. Let us work on your website while YOU focus on growing your business.  It’s easy to start today, and you can have your own tech team at your fingertips at a fraction of the cost of hiring a developer.


Got website errors? We find – and fix – those annoying problems for you so you don’t have to worry about it, and your site stays in tip-top shape all the time.

Database Errors

Few things are more annoying than having web visitors show up to your site, only to be greeted by “Error Establishing Database Connection.” Yeah, we fix that!

Spam Protection

Getting a boatload of spam comments on your blog? Let us handle it for you and make sure that you’re only getting the comments you want and spammers can hit the road.

WordPress Updates

Need your plugins or your WordPress installation updated?  Don’t worry!  We got it!  We check on the first day of every month and do proactive updates on your site. 


Need a plugin installed, configured, or customized? It’s a snap with Website Rescue.  Just let us know and we’ll get right on it and help you out – hands free!

Website Speed Issues

Nothing increases your bounce rate like slow website speed – and it hurts your Google rankings, too.  We fix site speed issues so you can stop puttering around with load lag!

Stop Site Hacking

Hackers are busier than ever interfering in the lives of entrepreneurs!  We fix hack attacks and provide preventive security for our customers upon request.

Boost Conversions

Not getting the leads you want and need for your business to thrive? Work with our marketing experts to boost your website conversions and get more qualified leads.

Stop Worrying About Your Website.

Our standards for customer service are the best in the industry and you won’t find a team more dedicated to serving their clients.  When you protect your site with Website Rescue, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting industry-leading support and assistance along with industry-leading customer service.  Our team members are flexible and absolutely committed to treating your problems like our problems.

With your monthly subscription, you can request a minimum 10 or more small tasks for a single website, depending on the plan you choose.  What’s a task, you ask?  Well, we don’t decide that – YOU do. No two clients are the same, and what’s a task for you might be completely different for another business.  If you have questions about what we’ll do for you, just get in touch!

We work weekends!!!  We guarantee a response within 12 – 24 hours for most orders, 24/7 – and for completion within 48 hours whenever possible. When we can’t fix it in that time frame, we’ll let you know right away and tell you when you can expect the work to be completed.

How It Works

Access Your Account.

Once you’re a client, you’ll get login credentials and an email on how to get help straight away!

Submit a Support Ticket.

You can do that by logging into your account or by clicking the handy SUPPORT button right here on the left!

Our team of superheroes works their magic. 

It’s hands free for you after that!  Submit the ticket, we’ll get right on it.  If we have questions or need clarification, we’ll let you know ASAP!  Otherwise, we’ll have your work completed in a jif – usually within 24 – 48 hours.

You plan your free time, build your business…whatever makes you feel good! 


Let’s Get Started!

You work on your business.  Let us worry about your website.

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“I love working with Pam. She makes it super easy to manage and update multiple WordPress sites. There hasn’t been a customization or update she couldn’t handle within 24-hours. I would highly recommend her services for managing, updating, or customizing any of your sites.”

Chaunna Brooke, AdSkills