How Much is YOUR Autoresponder Costing You?

If you want a communication channel that your users pay attention to every single day, without fail, you have to have their email address.  Email provides a method for building a deeper, more connected relationship with your customer and clients, and it’s totally scalable and accessible on nearly every device on the planet.

So, we all know the importance of the email list, but many autoresponders (bulk email programs) can be cost-prohibitive for solopreneurs and start-ups, and there’s a HUGE number of companies competing for your money in this field.  InfusionSoft and aWeber are two of the top contenders, with services ranging anywhere from $19/month up to $600/month and sometimes more based on the volume of email you send and the number of subscribers on your list.  If you have multiple brands or lists and a lot of subscribers, this monthly expense is going to increase fairly quickly and if your business income isn’t growing on par with the size of your list, you may find yourself out of pocket on autoresponder expenses.

Introducing Sendy…the one-time fee, no fluff, all stuff email program.  Sendy is a self-hosted (meaning you install it on your own domain) that enables you to include multiple brands, multiple lists, an unlimited number of subscribers – and you only pay for that software once.  With Sendy, you also get awesome reports that let you see how your lists and subject lines are doing, the ability to store and recall email/newsletter templates, automated complain/bounce/unsubscribe handling, AND the ability to give your clients access and charge them for the services.  Can’t beat that, right?

Sendy sends emails via Amazon SES, so you pay for what you use – and you pay a LOT less.  Amazon SES provides a remarkably high delivery rate, and means the limitations of your hosting provider are out the window.  They have that part covered.  Amazon also offers outstanding reliability and customer support, as well as a ridiculously low price – $1 per 10,000 emails sent.  No more costs based on the number of people on your list, and no more paying $19/month or more for 500 subscribers on a single list.

So, what are the Pros and Cons?


Sendy Reports & List Data











Making the Transition

While it’s a teensy bit of a challenge – and a scary proposition, I’m sure – to make the switch, you can get Sendy for just $59sign up for a free Amazon SES account and pay as you go on emails – $1 per 10,000 emails.  Once they are installed and configured, you’re off and running.  And you don’t have to shut down your existing account until Sendy is up and running, so no fear of down time.

If you purchase Sendy through on of the links in this article (this is my affiliate link – I make a small percentage of the sale price and it doesn’t cost you one penny extra), I’ll install and configure your shiny new Sendy account AND Amazon SES for $100 off.  Seriously.


Here’s how it works.

  1.  Click the banner below to purchase SENDY.
  2. Download your purchase
  3. Return to this post to pay for your Sendy installation and set up – then….
  4. Complete the form that follows payment
  5. I’ll have your installation set up and ready for subscriber import within one business day.  It’s that simple. 🙂



Check out Sendy, a self hosted newsletter web app that lets you send emails 100x cheaper via Amazon SES.


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